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Important post, please read

Hey everyone!

So, recently, nthdraft, who is a lovely person, had some shitty medical luck, and, thanks to the fact we live in a country with even shittier mandatory paid sick leave regulations, I'm selling off fic for her benefit.

Any fandom, any pairing, anything goes - as long as I've written for it before, or you know I'm familiar with it, it's all fair game. I'll have to wait to start on the fic for a couple of days, as I'm finishing off one I owe ivorysilk at the moment, but I can get a start on it by this weekend. Higher bid = more words; I'm willing to go up to 10k or 15k, if y'all want, though I'm a slow writer, so that might take some time. H/C, crack, and slice-of-life are what I'm best at, but I'm willing to write just about anything.

Comment here if you're interested - comments should be screened. I'll write fic for anyone who donates.

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