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Four Times Jim Saw Destiny and One Time He Did His Own Thing

Title: Four Times Jim Saw Destiny and One Time He Did His Own Thing
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Characters: Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Gaila, Bones
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1037
A.N: Written for this prompt at the kink meme.

Four Times Jim Saw Destiny and One Time He Did His Own Thing

Four Times Jim Saw Destiny...

Nero- the red matter - an entire planet, gone. Thousands upon thousands of beings. Pain. Loss. Despair. A holovideo.

"This will be the last time we speak, Spock."

A man. No, not a man. T'hy'la.

"Goodbye, Spock."

Agony. Deep, deep sorrow from which there was no reprieve.

Jim woke with a start. His hands were shaking, and there were tears running down his face. Fuck. Another memento of Spock's mind meld, no doubt.

That bastard. As if it's not bad enough that he's been assaulted by all these emotions every time he tries to get some sleep, he's had no less than four dreams in the last two weeks of having hot, graphic sex with his first officer. It was disturbing enough the first time, but now? Now he just wants to take a hammer to his head.

Maybe in another life, they'd been more than friends. But in this one...well, he was still working on not throttling the Vulcan every other day. 'Lovers' was more than out of the question.

“So you're saying they can see the future.”

“They can predict certain likely outcomes with surprising accuracy, through methods which I have been so far incapable of understanding. However, to say that they can foretell the-”

“So, basically, they can see the future.”

“Human beings – you especially, captain – are so complex and, at times, illogical, that only a minuscule number of possible outcomes can be predicted. If you were to, for example, take a cricket and-”

“And they saw me and Bones. Together.”

“I believe they predicted you would copulate in the quarters they provided you before our visit ended.”



“But we didn't. Copulate. Me and Bones.”

“I am most gratified to hear it.”

“Mmm. So, what did they predict about you and Uhu-”

“I would prefer not to discuss the matter.”

"So. Let me get this right. You were on your honeymoon when you got sucked into a black hole and ended up here?"

Uhura - Other Uhura? Uhura-2? Uhura-who-had-something-scrambled-in-her-brain? - nodded, grinned happily, and wrapped her hand around the other-Jim's waist.

"I see." Jim nodded and sat down in his chair. His head was spinning. Clearly, there was only one thing that could be going on here. Jim pressed the comm link to the infirmary. "Bones."

"What now?"

"I think there's something in our air supply. Or something I ate. Maybe Scotty's whiskey. Because I seem to be hallucina-"

"What, you and Nyota aren't-" Other-Jim made a vaguely disturbing motion with his hands. "You know."

Jim looked over at the communications station where Uhura was very determinedly toggling some switches and not looking at him. He was about to say something when he became aware of a looming presence behind him.

Spock cleared his throat and, leaning forward, rested his hands, not lightly, on Jim's shoulders.

Jim smiled and looked at the other-Jim and other-Uhura. "Not in this lifetime."

They were happy. After Jim got another nice promotion and an even nicer pay raise, they bought a beach house in San Francisco and started taking their shore leave there. There were no children, not yet, though that was a possibility they were keeping open.

For now, they were happy as things were. There were nights when they each took someone else back to their rooms, quick flings for fun and stress relief with no hard feelings. Those days, they'd wake up and find each other in the mess hall, eat breakfast and trade stories. Some nights, they shared. Girl or guy, one or more; they weren't picky, and they'd end up in a mass of green and white and whoever-they'd-invited, sprawled out on Kirk's bed, because his was the biggest. Those days, they'd wake up and head for the infirmary, where Bones would chew them out and grumble and give them shots for all those pesky diseases anyway.

But some nights, it was just the two of them, a combination that somehow had never gotten old. Those days, Jim would wake up to see her at his side, her red hair fanning out over his pillow, mouth open and drooling at his neck. She'd wake up too, and grin, and he'd lean in and kiss those luscious red lips, that gorgeous, alluring green skin, kiss her and touch her and fall in love with her all over again.

Those days were Jim's favorites.

Maybe, he thought, next time they had shore leave, they could talk about the children again, and if Gaila agreed, they could-

“Captain? Captain, are you all right?”

Jim opened his eyes and groaned. His head felt like it had the time he'd tried Scotty's 'specially imported' whiskey. He blinked as Spock blearily came into focus above him.

“What happened?”

Spock pursed his lips and cocked an eyebrow. “I do not know. Upon ignoring my warnings and touching the device, you collapsed and appeared to be unconscious. It has been over two minutes, and I have no further information about the device. Perhaps we should leave it in Mr. Scott's capable hands, Captain, and return to the Enterprise.”

Jim groaned again as he sat up. His stomach felt funny. “Yeah. Yeah, sounds good.”

He looked back at the ancient device as he hobbled away, the memories of his life with Gaila fading further and further with every second.

...And One Time He Did His Own Thing

“They sent another message, you know.” Bones kissed his way up Jim's neck, messily, roughly enough to leave marks.

“Mmm?” Jim would have said something more, really, but oh God, Bones was doing something with his hand that he would have to remember for the next time, and-

“The Seers. From – higher, Jim – Sigma Eight. They had another – another vision. You and – God, don't bite - Sulu, this time.”

“Bones?” Jim managed before he slid down to his knees and gripped the edge of Bones' zipper between his teeth.


Jim looked up and grinned before he brought his hands up and yanked pants and boxers down in one go.

“Shut. Up.”

Bones was more than happy to oblige.
Tags: character: gaila, character: james t. kirk, character: leonard 'bones' mccoy, character: nyota uhura, character: spock, fandom: star trek xi, genre: gen, genre: het, genre: slash

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