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The Proper Way to watch a Scary Movie

Title: The Proper Way to Watch a Scary Movie
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Rating: PG
Characters: Kanda/Lavi
Word Count: 229
Disclaimer: I own neither D.Gray-Man nor the characters therein.
A.N: It's set in an AU set of fics I've been working on. Basically, it's the mid-90s, and Kanda and Lavi are teenagers living in suburbia.

The Proper Way to Watch a Scary Movie

“The Exorcist?”

Lavi slid the tape into the player with a grin. “It’s the holy grail of horror movies,” he said as he jogged back and settled himself on the couch.

Kanda harrumphed and fast-forwarded through the previews. He didn’t really get Lavi’s fascination with this movie, but he couldn’t back out on his deal after he lost the poker game.

The movie was – different. Kanda didn’t find it particularly horrifying, but Lavi seemed to; every time something popped up on screen, he’d jump and inch a little closer to Kanda, so by the middle of the movie they were rubbing elbows.

It wasn’t until the scene where the girl was jerking on the bed, though, that Kanda noticed Lavi veeeery slowly bringing up his arm behind Kanda’s shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Kanda looked at him sharply.

Lavi jumped and fiddled with the control. “You looked scared,” he said.

“No I didn’t.”

Lavi sighed and moved his arm to his lap, mumbling something how it was more fun to watch horror movies that way.

Ten minutes later, Lavi was pouting and not looking nearly as anxious as he had before, and the movie was getting a little hairy. Kanda sighed.

On the next scary scene, Kanda moved up his arm and, very carefully, put it around Lavi’s shoulders.

Lavi was right: it definitely was more interesting this way.

Tags: character: kanda yuu, character: lavi, fandom: d.gray-man, genre: slash

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