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Title: Transportation
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Characters: Fai, Kurogane
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: I own neither Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle nor the characters therein.
A.N: Written because I just read the manga in one go and noticed that Kurogane was always stuck carrying the others.


“It’s so much nicer out here than the village, neh, Kuro-pon? Such a nice day to be outside.”

Kurogane grunted and refrained from pointing out that Fai wasn’t the one carrying two unconscious teenagers only because it would have taken too much energy and encouraged the magician to keep spouting his inanities. But just as soon as he could put Syaoran and Sakura down….

“How unfortunate the children had to drink that – what was it called? Tea of happiness?”

Kurogane grunted again. The magician was bouncing from side to side despite his injured ankle. It almost made Kurogane wonder whether he had been lying about not being able to carry Sakura. But the magician wasn’t stupid, despite all he was irritating.

“Heh, Kuro-tan is always the one carrying people, isn’t he?”

Kurogane gritted his teeth. Just a little longer and they would reach the camp, and then he could throttle the fuzzy-haired demon.

“Like those vehicles in Piffle – what were they called?” Fai smiled, his eye gleaming with what Kurogane was sure was a carefully-measured evil. “Ah yes, I remember.”

Kurogane stepped forward threateningly.


And with that he was off, disappearing into the forest before Kurogane could catch him.

Tags: character: fai d. flourite, character: kurogane, fandom: tsubasa reservoir chronicle, genre: gen

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