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Counterfeit and Contemplation

Title: Counterfeit and Contemplation
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing/Characters: Ishida, Orihime
Rating: G

Word count:  263
Disclaimer: I own neither Bleach nor the characters therein.

Counterfeit and Contemplation

Ishida’s a quiet boy. He always has been. While his classmates chatter excitedly at recess, Ishida sits primly at his desk. Sometimes he studies, sometimes he sews, but most of the time he spends in quiet contemplation, hands folded carefully in front, his eyes fixed on a spot but seeing nothing at all.


Sometimes Kurosaki runs into his desk or yells loudly or otherwise disturbs Ishida’s peace and quiet. Kurosaki, Ishida thinks, isn’t naturally loud; he’s overcompensating for something, pretending to be happy so his friends don’t ask awkward questions. That’s why it’s so much more irritating when he squawks and laughs and generally makes himself an auditory irritation when Ishida is trying to think.


There’s one other student who often keeps quiet during recess. At lunch time she’s out and giggling with the rest of them, but at recess she’ll sit and stare around the room quietly, her eyes wide and round like big, shiny buttons.


For some time it makes Ishida happy that he’s not alone in this, that someone else, too, can garner the strength to make it through the day from those few stolen moments of peace and order. But slowly it begins to dawn on him that he’s wrong; her eyes aren’t far-off and resting like his are, they’re alert and awake and enthralled in what she’s watching, and when Ishida realizes what it is, there’s something that sinks a little to the bottom of his stomach.


Because Inoue Orihime’s not spending her time in contemplation; she’s watching Kurosaki squawk and squeal and stumble all across the room.

Tags: character: inoue orihime, character: ishida uryuu, fandom: bleach, genre: gen

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