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Title: Blush
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing/Characters: Shishido/Choutarou, Oshitari and Gakuto
Rating: PG/K+

Word count: 204
Disclaimer: I own neither PoT nor the characters therein.
For 30_nights. Theme 23: Like an art piece


Choutarou’s form is excellent. Perfect. His stance is absolutely gorgeous, like an art piece in a museum. But Shishido doesn’t think about it like that. It’s Choutarou – and that says everything, really.

It’s dark by the time the match finishes; sometime between Choutarou serving and Oshitari actually managing to smash it back, night’s snuck up on them.  

They win, barely. Oshitari and Gakuto aren’t too put out, seeing how this is the first time they’ve played since Oshitari broke his wrist.

They stop to buy soba at an outdoor café Gakuto swears by. The soba’s delicious, but Shishido spends half the time staring at Choutarou. The tall boy’s so awkward when it comes to everything but tennis and table manners, it’s astonishing to see him grip the chopsticks gracefully, back straight, other hand in his lap, when just this morning he was stumbling around like a zombie with a towel slung haphazardly around his waist. 

They walk home together, all four of them, and when Shishido and Choutarou are alone in front of the Ootori mansion, Shishido stands up on his tiptoes and pecks his kohai on the lips.

Better than an art piece, he thinks as he walks away. Art pieces don’t blush.
Tags: character: ohtori choutarou, character: shishido ryou, fandom: prince of tennis, genre: slash

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