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Ten Truths: Shunsui and Nanao

Ten Truths: Shunsui and Nanao
Fandom: Bleach
Word Count: 586

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any of the characters in it.
Rating: PG

Ten Truths: Shunsui and Nanao


1. When Nanao first moved to Seireitei, she found a spot by the river, surrounded by trees, and every time she has a day off she goes there and reads romance novels, and she’s slightly surprised that no one’s ever stumbled on her.


The truth is that it used to be a hot spot for adolescent Shinigami couples, and the only reason no one ever goes there is that her captain sits on the other side of the trees and makes sure no one bothers her.


2. Every Monday night Shunsui leaves a letter on Nanao’s desk: sometimes it’s a flowery declaration of love, sometimes it’s a ‘thank you for doing the paperwork.’ By the time he gets to the office on Tuesday the letters are gone, and he figures she throws them out after skimming them.


The truth is that she’s saved every single one of them.


3. Nanao is terrified of spiders, and she’s often wondered why, despite Division 8 being the second-worst when it comes to tidiness, there have not been any spiderwebs on division eight grounds since she saw one eleven years ago. She thinks they just got lucky.


The truth is that, eleven years ago after she spent an hour huddled, twitching, on her desk, he assigned the newest recruits to a ‘spider-elimination taskforce’.


4. Shunsui goes to visit Ukitake every time he’s ill, and he once complained that Ukitake had to do so much paperwork, even when he was sick, because he didn’t have a vice-captain. Ever since then, Ukitake’s had less work, and Shunsui is glad his friend can get some rest. They both figure Ukitake’s fourth or fifth seat picked up the slack, and they’re especially nice to Ukitake’s officers.


The truth is that Nanao told Kiyone to send any excess paperwork to her office, and seeing Shunsui smile when he comes back from chatting with Ukitake is all the thanks she ever wants.


5. Nanao thinks she is plain; she thinks she’s too short, too small, and that the scars on her body are disfigurements.


The truth is, Shunsui thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.


6. Whenever Shunsui loses a subordinate, he goes out into the forest and drinks more sake than he can handle. He assumes he always manages to drag himself home.


The truth is, Nanao follows him, lugs him to his quarters once he passes out, and tucks him in with a kiss on the forehead.


7. One time Nanao was impaled by a hollow’s claw and was in a coma for two weeks. When she woke up, her captain was lying, asleep, on the nearest futon. She thought he had been injured along with her.


The truth was, Unohana had sedated him after he’d refused to leave his vice-captain’s side.


8. Shunsui loves green tea, and every time he visits Nanao’s quarters there’s a pot brewing, and she joins him on the porch for a cup. Everybody in the thirteen divisions thinks Nanao likes it as much as Shunsui likes sake.


The truth is, she hates the stuff.


9. Nanao thinks Shunsui is teasing her every time he calls her ‘his lovely Nanao-chan’ and tells her he wants to protect her.


The truth is, he’s never been more serious.


10. Shunsui sometimes wonders where he stands with his vice-captain, and he wonders if, after two decades of working together, she even likes him.


The truth is, she fell in love with him eighteen years ago.


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