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Assorted Comment-Fic Fills

Title: A Punch is Worth a Thousand Words
Fandom: Republic of Doyle
Characters: Jake Doyle + Malachy Doyle, Background Jake Doyle/Leslie Bennett
Word Count: 96
Date Posted: 04/12/17
Notes: For classics_lover's prompt: interview

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Title: A Quick Dip
Fandom: Republic of Doyle
Characters: Jake Doyle/Leslie Bennett
Word Count: 56
Date Posted: 04/12/17
Notes: Written for withasmile87's prompt: skinny dipping.

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Title: Mission Accomplished. Ish.
Fandom: The Losers
Characters: Franklin Clay, Jake Jensen, Cougar Alvarez
Word Count: 359
Date Posted: 06/20/17
Notes: Written for vanillyfluffy's prompt: walking/running away with something exploding in the background.

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Title: First Steps
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters: Clint Barton, Phil Coulson
Word Count: 100
Date Posted: 06/21/17
Notes: Written for ami_ven's prompt: Clint isn't used to having people look after him

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Title: Sick Day
Fandom: Lethal Weapon (TV)
Characters: Roger Murtaugh, Martin Riggs, Trish Murtaugh
Word Count: 100
Date Posted: 06/21/17
Notes: Written for brumeier's prompt: one whole day when Roger doesn’t lament having Riggs as his partner

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Title: Smoky Linings
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: David Parrish/Evan Lorne
Word Count: 590
Date Posted: 06/26/17
Notes: Written for squidgiepdx's prompt: Evan Lorne/David Parrish, A big fire (or a fireman AU?)

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Title: Heist
Fandom: Leverage
Characters: Parker/Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison
Word Count: 336
Date Posted: 06/27/17
Notes: Written for classics_lover's prompt: Leverage, author's choice, sexy roleplaying

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Peter Maximoff v Life, Terrorists, & Awkward Family Conversations, Part 1

Title: Peter Maximoff v Life, Terrorists, & Awkward Family Conversations, Part 1
Fandom: X-Men, DoFP Timeline
Characters: Peter Maximoff, Erik Lensherr, Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, Alex Summers, Magda Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff
Word Count: 13710
Rating: M
A.N: [This fic deals with abduction, torture, and mental manipulation of an underaged character, plus some of the aftermath. There are tons of trigger warnings/detailed content notes. If you'd like to see those, click here.]Peter gets kidnapped and tortured in this fic. Though there is no non-con/sexual assault, many other sorts of awful things are done to him, and there is one paragraph that may unintentionally sound like a metaphor for rape. There is also attempted brainwashing/emotional control in a sort of Stockholm-Syndrome scenario.I tried not to make it gratuitous, but a couple of parts do have explicitly described violence. If you'd like more extensive content notes/the exact location of the paragraph before you read, please see those below.

Content Notes:
Peter, while underage (17), is kidnapped. His captivity starts at section 17 and continues through section 32. While kidnapped, he is tortured by:
1. Electric shock from a collar activated when he speaks or uses his powers or when the kidnappers are displeased
2. Force-feeding. It's mentioned in several sections, but there is a graphic description of it in section 23.
3. Beating
4. Smothering/asphyxiation (mentioned)
5. Water torture (mentioned)
6. Dehumanization (treated as an object in ways, never referred to by name)
7. Attempted brainwashing
8. Having his emotions controlled by a mutant with that power.
Note: The physical torture is enhanced by the emotional control, as Peter is made to feel grateful for it. This emotional manipulation is used in the attempt to brainwash Peter.

Peter ends up with some big self-worth/self-confidence issues, post-kidnapping (though not all of them are a result of the kidnapping).

Note on suicidal ideation: At one point, in section 31, Peter decides that he'll commit suicide if it's necessary in order to keep from becoming brainwashed. No attempt is ever made, but his decision is mentioned/alluded to several times later on.

Note on non-consensual/sexual assault triggers: Although there is no sexual content in this fic, I realized that, albeit unintentionally, one of my descriptions of Peter's reactions to the aftermath of the forcefeeding could be seen as very metaphorical of rape. This is in section 24, in the paragraph which starts with 'When he sits down'.

Summary: After any global, life-changing event, there's bound to be an adjustment period. After Washington, most of the world takes a deep breath, reassesses genetics, and keeps on keeping on.

Peter's adjustment period is A) longer and B) considerably more complicated.

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